Tuesday, April 27, 2010

57 (skipping numerical order for a moment)

Ode to YOU.
After texting you about me stepping out from the art journal
onto paper. (into possible public view)
And your text tips about paper, inexpensive, cut it up.
Unearthed this green "experimental, but did not like it" past paint attempt.
Starting cutting - like my quilting days.

Created this card for you.
Liked it so much,

Framed it for me.
Posting picture and story for YOU.
with sheepish grin

This is ME kind of art (the verb).
simple line
simple word
subtle color
(i think).

a path? 


  1. SEE
    what a frame does! dignifies!
    i'll get to C it in person
    this summer,
    when the new generations of cameras
    the call and response: making something for someone always works, like buying a gift that you then can't part with. keepers.
    i'm SOOOOOO HAPPY to see this framed. <3 it!!!

  2. The delicacy of these snippets and the colors -- simple, subtle -- working with the tactile qualities of papers -- great!