Saturday, May 1, 2010

59 1/2


enjoy the buddhafulness
of yourself this weekend
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  1. times 2!
    Budda full

    Working towards this as I type. Debriefing brain from the week. Distance is good.

    Nice X 2!

  2. 'Standing or sitting,
    I know not what to do.
    Though I tread the earth,
    My heart is in the skies'

  3. Walked this AM WITH THE DOGS - you know, being responsible and all. Have to walk in places with no bunnies and no people. Alley ways and lonesome fields. Now - off I go - for a bit of art time. Hate how sometimes I feel afraid to go into that space. What is that about???? shaking head, rolling my eyes saying "silly girl" to myself! I'm off - text, email, blog or FB later - hmmm - maybe even a cell phone connection - haha.