Saturday, September 11, 2010


Early morning walk,
quick-like before the day begins (officially).
 Pedometer attached.

Up ahead, on the left -
driveway chalk practice.
Loving the discovery.
No Cam the Camera.  :-(

Abandoning the purpose
walk home - quick - light changing, sun rising.
Grab Cam and car keys.
25 mph back to the chalk practice for the camera's snap.
A grinning day begins.

with no arrest for being the "alleged" neighborhood driveway stalker.
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  1. taking photos of a way around the corner neighbor's trumpet flowers the other day, i did feel like a stalker.....perhaps if i took more walks, i wouldn't be a stranger! looking forward to your next trip out into the world with Cam!!

  2. je découvre votre page et je suis totalement touchée par la photo "hour art escape".
    magnifique et nourrissante ... Merci !