Saturday, February 26, 2011


Lives lived in coffee shops.
Said the daughter to the mother.

no more pouting re: slacker partner posting
! xox!

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  1. Jaye more famous than ever. Such a bundle of energy, that plan other lives....i'd like to know what she could do with mine.
    and HOW? Did you make this? a layer in PS of one of your paintings, or/?? you have lots to share this summer!

  2. Hiya. Glad you like this. It was quite fun. Jaye comes up with some pretty good quotes.

    I "carded" a painting. Used some sort of liquid ish paint on my small moleskin - a couple of dots. Then used the edge of a credit card to smush the paint around. Took a photo. Then, just added a layer of text - actually three layers. One for the quote. One for Jaye's name (different size text). One for my name. It looks kinda cool, doesn't it?? Yep - I will share!