Sunday, December 20, 2009


first of all, i have a very big QUESTION.
renee's suggestion to define verification words that are needed to post a comment (after someone else's post)was a fun one to think about. but when i started thinking about this, i realized i long ago wondered about this whole process. i've had a burning question:
the question is WHY?
why do we need to retype this code?
it can't be for security.
it can't be to verify who we are.
it COULD be to just aggravate us.
i think that's it.
first we are expected to
try to SEE the letters/numbers/code, and seeing it is usually very difficult, and then retype them. if we can't, a different stretched out, wavy, non-sensical glob of symbols appears, and these also mean nothing. and if all this is too hard for us, we can click on the 'wheelchair' and see what happens. i've never tried that.

who do i look to for an answer?

meanwhile, here are some of these encryptions and what i think they could MEAN:

examples: possible meanings:
uncowi: thin, not fat
dedness: code for depressed
inessi: guilty of decadence
elseedi: the derelictical
effori: easily accomplished
reosen: an excuse
ousticat directed to leave
adgesso: to prime surface before painting


  1. Sad that we would need to type in these unrealistic words but there is a reason and that is that SPAMMER's would otherwise be trashing all the blogs with links to ads and the dreaded porn sites.

    In order to avoid the automation of SPAM robots reaping havoc we are required to type in a word verification. One can turn off this function in their Blogger settings, but I do not recommend this.

    One can make the whole process simpler by reviewing ones settings so that one does not leave the post and open anew window, or having to go through several windows for the appearance of word verification and acceptance.

    So far, I have been hit with SPAM twice on my blogs in the last six months, yet I will not revert back to the blog owners approval before the comment appears. I feel it is unfair to the person making the comment having to wait to see it appear or for another person to read it.

    A SPAM comment is easily removed when it appears by the moderator, just make sure to double click so that all traces are removed.

    Finally, when you see a comment with words that are underlined as links, then you know you have been manually SPAMMED. Do not even bother to click on it, just delete.

  2. egmont...thank you. i now understand. i am so non-techy, but i knew there had to be a valid reason. . .which you explained so well.
    i watch your blog, and you are so poetic, it's interesting to hear this side of you== the balance!

  3. It is to prove we are not a droid, or a dog, or a spammer.

    And - I've gotten those SPAM comments in other blogs - delete - what a handy button!