Monday, December 21, 2009


TEXTING: another artescape connector:

RENEE:'in backyard. woodpecker pecking on YOUR seedpods. sound of rattling seeds. tap. tap. no camera.'
NEVA: 'honestly. woodpeckers always after my real estate. here they just have at it on the house. NOW my seed pods, too! NOT CUTE.'

which is why woodpeckers did not make it into my "bird book of wisdom" that i made for Max this christmas!!


  1. That was the EXACT woodpecker! We don't have that red-headed kind here on the high plains. Or is it hi-plains? I'm sure I passed a test on that a decade or so ago.

    GREAT book for Max!

  2. it went with binoculars, a handmade whimical birdhouse from a guy here, and birdwatching books,stickers, etc....thanks!