Thursday, March 25, 2010



i'm emerging tomorrow
from the enclosure
of the last month.
going out.
coming forth.
for the day.

HITTING the road
just so i'll have
something to bring to
Hour Art Escape
since visitors seem
to be coming by.
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  1. Oh - fiddlehead ferns! I LOVE those plants. so unfurling. nicely green. We don't have them here in the SQUARE state. I miss them. And violets growing naturally in wooded areas or back yards. And trillium. We don't have those either. I miss the spring plants of the midwest. I don't miss the bugs of the midwest.

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. You have no idea how much I NEEDED to see the surprise of ferns. Wish I could smell the dirt!

  2. fiddleheads .... can't believe people eat them .... they have so much life ahead of them