Saturday, March 27, 2010






as in OH, shOpping was a gOOd thing.
first stOp was MarcO POlO,
One Of my favOrites:
"Antiques. Objects of interest."

the crisp
sunny day was all a getaway to little
spots along lake michigan's shore...
just across the big lake from chicago.

this shop is in harbert, literally
a spot along the old highway.
the other highlight:
clothing. (that'll be my next post.)
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  1. O jOy .... and chicagO is One Of my favOrite places .... especially the lagO

  2. I LOVE these photos. What a great store. Wonderful photos. A sense of peace and order and display. Love the display. Makes me want to take a hammer and picture hooks to my walls. Thanks for the share.